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ICPSR Summer Program 2022

We will be holding this year’s ICPSR Summer Program in a hybrid format, with in-person classes for those who can attend in Ann Arbor and online access in either a synchronous or asynchronous mode. The dates for the main four-week sessions will extend from June 20 to July 15 for the first session, and from July 18 to August 12 for the second session. We are adding short workshops starting in May and running through August as their schedules are firmed up.

We want you to know that instructors and in-person participants will be required to abide by all University of Michigan policies related to COVID 19, which currently means that vaccination including a booster will be required and face masks must be worn inside campus buildings. There are well implemented procedures at Michigan for reporting and tracking vaccination and health status which we will follow. Online participants are treated as visitors under these policies and do not have to be vaccinated. All these policies are under continuous review; you will be kept informed of the latest revisions on this website and asked to acknowledge your review of them when you register. Before you can attend classes in Ann Arbor or other sites in-person, you will have to report your vaccination status.

Development of these policies in a changing environment has taken time, and we are still working to fill out the short workshop schedule; new workshops will be added as details are finalized. Registration is now open for both the four-week sessions and the short workshops, and fees are unchanged from 2021.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Summer Program in whichever format you choose to participate.

– Mike Traugott, ICPSR Summer Program Interim Director


20.06.2022. - 12.08.2022.

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