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SSHOC Workshop: Data Management Planning and Overcoming Challenges in Social Sciences Data Sharing

This is a two-day interactive workshop taking place on the 14th and 15th of February 2022 from 10.00 to 12.30 GMT each day.

Event Overview

A Data Management Plan helps achieve optimal handling, organising, documenting and enhancing of research data. It is particularly important for facilitating data sharing, ensuring the sustainability and accessibility of data in the long-term and allowing data to be reused for future research. For the effective management of data, planning must start when research is being designed and needs to consider both how data will be managed during the research and how they will be shared afterwards. In this two days online workshop, we will discuss the main challenges of data sharing in social sciences and how these can be overcome by implementing best data management planning practices. The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Challenges in data sharing for social science projects
  • Data collection and assessment of existing sources
  • Documentation, metadata and quality assurance
  • Ethical and legal context
  • Storage, backup and preservation
  • Facilitating data sharing, project roles and responsibilities

The workshop will be delivered online and will combine lectures and presentations with individual and practical exercises and group discussions. At the end of the workshop, participants would have gained a better understanding of research data management best practices, particularly on how a Data Management Plan facilitates compliance with data protection legislation and data sharing. The attendees will be provided with further resources including readings and open source tools to ease and enable data sharing.

Learning objectives
  • Be able to recognise challenges in sharing data and identify techniques to overcome these
  • Gain a better understanding of Data Management Planning requirements in Social Sciences
  • Be able to design a comprehensive, accurate Data Management Plan which enables data sharing
Target Audience

This workshop is intended for early career researchers and support staff.

Please note the number of attendees is limited and we kindly ask those that register to be able to attend both days.


14. - 15.02.2022.

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