Version 0.1 eng (03-2021)
Croatian Social Science Data Archive (CROSSDA)
University of Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

These Terms of Use apply when downloading datasets that require user registration and identification. These terms do not apply to datasets that are freely available under the CC BY 4.0 license.

Prior to downloading the data, the user should confirm that he or she is familiar with the permissions for data use and these Terms of Use, and must agree to use the dataset in accordance with these permits and conditions. 

The Croatian Social Science Data Archive (hereinafter CROSSDA) has the right to deny access to those users who violate the conditions and to inform the user’s parent organization and other competent authorities.

Permission to access the data is limited to a specific user, i.e. it is not transferable. The user agrees not to disclose or transfer the data to unauthorized persons.

The user pledges to ensure an appropriate level of data protection during transmission, storage and use. Data may not be transmitted via unencrypted e-mail or data services that do not have built-in security protocols.

The user undertakes to use the data in accordance with ethical and professional standards and to comply with the relevant laws. He or she will not attempt to attribute data to specific individual cases (i.e. individuals, households, institutions, etc.), nor in any other way compromise the anonymity of participants.

Before using the data, the user will study the accompanying documentation, i.e. he or she will use the data conscientiously and in an informed manner.

In their own works, the user will cite the dataset in accordance with scientific standards, with the obligatory indication of the DOI number for the dataset.

The user will inform the CROSSDA archive of the publications he or she publishes based on this dataset and of any other use of the data.

The original authors of the data and CROSSDA are not responsible for errors or omissions in the data. The user shall notify the CROSSDA archive of any errors and deficiencies detected in the data.

The original authors of the dataset and CROSSDA bear no responsibility for any results and interpretations arising from the secondary use of the data.