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Data Spaces & Semantic Interoperability

The continuously increasing number of data spaces and data markets in Europe, as well as the related funding lines and regulations by the European Commission (for instance the Data Governance Act and several programme lines in Horizon Europe and Digital Europe) regarding the topics of (secure) data sharing of industrial and personal related data as well as research data clearly shows the increasing need to discuss, specify and realise (semantic) data interoperability between such data spaces and beyond.

A discussion about (semantic data) interoperability for data spaces includes (i) data space use cases, (ii) requirements for interoperability, (iii) existing and new standards in the field and (iv) technical solutions in place and in development, (v) working and proven tools & technologies, as well as (vi) legal issues and licenses, besides other topics.

The assumption is that the concept of a data space as defined in IDSA and W3C‘s work on Linked data are complementary. IDSA is a big user of Linked data specifications and complements them with “connectors” to legacy systems. While W3C provides vocabularies like ODRL for constraints and provenance for data quality, an IDSA data space has a concrete instance of those vocabularies specifying what can be done in a data space, how data is shared and which limitations and obligations apply.

This one-day workshop brings together researchers, decision makers and practitioners in the field of the development and operation of European data spaces, data markets and other web-based data management systems that allow data sharing, trading and data collaboration, to discuss requirements, standards, tools, licenses and more regarding (semantic data) interoperability in data spaces.




09:00 - 16:30

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Beč, Austrija


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